After completing 5 years of my visit year after year for my course of 14 days detoxification, I wanted to express my deepest appreciation to you and your entire crew for the excellent hospitality, providing health care, treatments and personal attention to each and every one who visit Majlis Health Park. I have always felt totally rejuvenated and the lightness in the body after getting rid of all the unwanted toxins we put on all year through in the present modern day social lives. Every time I come to Majlis, my friends and folks back home have always asked me why I choose only majlis park and not so many facilities and similiar centers that are available. It has also kept me wondering "why"?, then I queried myself and found the following reasonsn benefits and advantages that is drawing me year on year to Majlis and I thought I should share with you as feedback and also as a deep sense of appreciation that you and your team are working sincerely to provide the much needed health care to many like me,
1. The biggest plus is that you as head of operations and as a Doctor, have a special skill set to understand the needs of the patient and the life style that the patient is leading. Your approach to treatments and adminstering the right course that is specific to the patient is indeed very reassuring. Also your kindness and care you show to each and every one, visiting each one of them atleast twice or thrice in a day and spending time to understand the progress is very appreciative.
2. The next point is the peaceful ambience the resort is blessed with. Full of trees, open spaces, far away from town, nicely tucked in to provide solitude and silence that is very rare for many who live in the cities where pollution and sounds are the way of life.
3. The regulated food that is so simple, yet so tasty and nourishing is another important aspect that I have always cherished during my stay. The timing and the service by your staff who are so very corteous and working around the clock to serve everytime and at the prescribed time is has always intrested me.
4. The Masseurs are excellent, they are well trained and have good pair of hands executing the right amount of pressure as prescribed in ayurveda.
5. The support staff, who are the people who give medicines during the day, are excellent, keeping up the time as prescribed in the case sheet, the people who are there for the upkeep of the center, are so dedicated and sincere in their work, have made me feel at home.
6. Dr Anil and Dr Anupama are very corteous and they have always made me feel very comfortable and reassuring being available round the clock at the center.

Overall I would like to thank each one of you for being so caring and to take care of my health and for being so very courteous and for providing services that made me feel that I'm home away from home. The biggest strength of Majlis park is everything works like a clock, there is privacy, there is peace and at the end of the treatment, leaves me totally satisfied and look forward to come again and again. Well done Doctor for leading from the front, I do hope you will continue to improvise where ever required to make it an abode for many like me to come and experience this place and by doing themselves a favour to take a few weeks off in a year to feel the freshness and lightness all year through, like servicing a car at reguar intervals, which means no break downs. I feel so much indebted to you Doctor Krishna Das, especially and to every member in your entire team. I deeply appreciate the care that is being bestowed upon me year on year.
Good luck and God Bless to all of you

Mr.Chandrasekhar, Entreprenuer, Bangalore - India

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