I must thank you for the treatment extended to me. It was my first visit to Majlis, and I am quite satisfied. The approach was very focused, and the staff  administering the various  treatments were all capable and  extremely professional in their attitude.
More than anything else, I really enjoyed the daily interactions with you, particularly the manner in which you worked both on mind and body.
After all, a patient has to believe that he or she is getting better, and you have given  me a lot of confidence with which to deal with my current situation.
And of course, the atmosphere of quiteude and calmness at Majlis  added to the sense of wellness I am experiencing.

Thank you very much. I shall visit again next year.

Mr Sivaram

Mr Sivaram - Manorama, Kochi

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Prakriti Analysis
Prakriti Analysis
I Came here with a recommendation from a friend for my low back treatment.Dr.Krishnadas and his team of Dr.Anil,Dr.Rajana and Dr.Athira take personal...MS.RUPA KHURANA, DELHI