This is an extraordinary experience.Why?Because this ancient treatment opens your body and mind to a new level of understanding reality.I have spend a whole month here at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park and feel now like a different person.More open more transparent with a different approach to life.
I have found peace of mind ,tranquility and a wonderful human,group of people directed by Dr Krishnadas.
My heart is full of joy and gratitude.
Thank you.

Mr Manongo Mujica - Lima,Peru

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Dr.Krishnadas a renowned Ayurveda practitioner is based at Thrissur the cultural capital of Kerala...
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Prakriti Analysis
Prakriti Analysis
I Came here with a recommendation from a friend for my low back treatment.Dr.Krishnadas and his team of Dr.Anil,Dr.Rajana and Dr.Athira take personal...MS.RUPA KHURANA, DELHI